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Our gastronomy is like the name of our territory:“Sully, Loire and Sologne”.

It reflects a variety of traditions. CURNONSKY, the prince of gastronomes, who was born in Angers, presided over the Giennois’ meal in Paris a long time ago, and he wrote:


“The Loire Valley cookery is full of the soft life, the peaceful joy and the fine lightness that one finds on the banks of the Loire, which is calm, slow and majestic.”


  • The Loire provides delicious fish. Therefore, you will find pike-perch and small fry on the tables of our restaurants.
  • The rich soil of the Loire Valley, which is propitious to market gardening, provides a large variety of exquisite vegetables, among which the renowned asparagus, and fruit: Olivet cherries, apples and pears. The Olivet pear, the Passe-Crassane, is well-known for being the base of a spirit used in sorbets. The local apple is very much favoured to make the famous Demoiselles Tatin apple-pie and some other fine pies.
  • Sologne, which abounds in game, provides roast wild boar and roe-deer, casseroles of pheasant and partridge, and roast woodcock. The under wood makes many a fungus lover happy between June and October, thanks to cantarellus, boletus and other fungi, whose place of picking is kept a secret.

And yet, can one speak of gastronomy without mentioning the famous wines of our area? We do not have any wines on our territory, but they are not very far away.



The monks who lived in the Loire Valley were the first vine growers towards the year 510.

Going westwards from Cosne-sur-Loire, one drives across 3 vineyards with a guarantee of origin: Coteaux du Giennois between Cosne-sur-Loire and Gien, that gained the “Appellation Contrôlée” in 1998, with Sauvignon vine for white wine and a mix of Pinot noir and Gamay for the red and rosé wines. Then, 10 kilometres from Orléans, between Loire and Sologne, the route du Vignoble d’Orléans passes through several villages and 2 vineyards with an “Appellation Contrôlée”: Orléans, with Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir, and Orléans-Cléry with Cabernet vines.

The wines of the Loire valley are light and fruity.