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Land of ponds, forests and legends, Sologne also displays a typical architecture of brick and half-timbered houses. Many traditions derive from hunting which has been a favoured activity for centuries. One of them is horn blowing. At Sully, the Ducs de Haute Sologne are proud horn blowers and they accompany all the town celebrations with pump and high spirits. If you would like to listen to an extract of their music, go on there.


Another tradition of Sologne is the brotherhoods. They are ambassadors of their land and craftsmanship. Each year, for the feast of Saint Hubert, the Faisanderie brotherhood invites other gastronomic brotherhoods of France and Europe to Sully. Mass, marching with hunting horns and hounds are traditional on the day of their meeting, as well as tasting the famous pheasant pâté.


If you would like to have a better feel for  the local customs, you can read Maurice Genevoix’s novels, visit the museum of poaching and the House of the Ponds, try our specialties, ramble between Guilly and Cerdon, discover the “caquetoire” churches and our numerous castles and manor houses. You will be very welcome!