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The Loire

Since the year 2000, Sully-sur-Loire has been the entrance gate to the Loire Valley which is inscribed on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage under the heading of live cultural landscape. At Sully, you will find the Castle, a medieval fortress and the residence of the Dukes of Sully. Sully Castle could be your starting point for a visit of the Loire Valley châteaux. After that, you can visit the original heart of the town of Sully, the mariners’ district, around the church of Saint Germain.


There, the traditional houses still bear anchors on their fronts, the level marks and dates of the Loire floods, and a flight of stone steps in front of the main entrance door. This is well-worth seeing. Going further down the river, the Guilly meander is one of the better preserved, therefore it has remarkable specimens of the fauna and flora of the Loire. If you go there, you will discover the  Bouteille brick kiln  on the way, and the Bel-Air windmill, while enjoying a magnificent view of Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire basilica across the river.

The river Loire has played different parts over the centuries. It was an important means of transportation of goods between the Antiquity and the 19th century, a place to exchange goods, which set the rhythm of the lives of those who belonged to the different corporations that “made” the Loire. Today, the Loire is still a ceaseless source of inspiration for crafsmen, artists, scientists, tourist agents, local people and visitors.

Will it inspire you too?